About Uyghur National Institute:

“Research, Recommendations, and Revival for Uyghurs”

The Uyghur National Institute (Uyghur Milli Instituti) is an independent research, policy advocacy, and educational organization based in Washington, D.C., with a mission to conduct rigorous research into the Uyghur genocide, Uyghurology, and China’s policies. Our aim is to empower Uyghur communities worldwide through education and advocacy.

Mission Statement: Dedicated to the diligent pursuit of research, education, and fervent advocacy, the Uyghur National Institute seeks to invigorate an independent, resilient, and prosperous Uyghur nation.

UNI Team: Our UNI team consists of both Uyghur and non-Uyghur scholars committed to conducting independent research and offering insights and recommendations on critical issues concerning the Uyghur people’s existential conditions.

Our Activities:

  • Research: Exploring Uyghur Genocide, National Identity, Survival, and Revival Strategies.
  • Policy Advocacy: Providing Policy Recommendations to Governments and Non-Governmental Organizations on Uyghur related topics.
  • Identity Preservation: Cultivating Uyghur Culture and Identity through Education.
  • Publishing: Uyghur National Institute Publishes Books and magazines about Uyghurs.
  • Event Organization: Seminars, Webinars, and Workshops.
  • Resource Sharing: Curating and Distributing Resources for the Uyghur Public.
  • Advocacy for Political and Social Reformation among Uyghur Groups and Communities.
  • Public Education: Conducting Workshops on Politics, Human Rights, and Democracy.

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